Meet the Badjr®

If you’re an MSP managing onsite and cloud infrastructure for your clients, welcome to infrastructure management made easy.

The Badjr and Unity are hardware devices and software tools to enable MSPs  to design, manage, maintain and monitor client IT infrastructure centrally from the cloud without having to configure devices individually, saving time and reducing resource requirements.. Don’t spend your time on problems that have already been solved, use the Badjr.

Why Choose The Badjr?

We have over 12-years industry experience and the Badjr has been the end product of years of research and development. The future of network management is no longer individual device configuration.  The future lies in designing your network, spanning multiple sites and cloud infrastructure in an easy-to-use cloud interface.  Then push the design to all the physical and cloud Badjr’s to make it come to life.  Use the same interface to then monitor, manage and grow your networks into the future.

Design your network

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Don’t spend your time configuring devices, design your whole network in the cloud, then push your design to the onsite Badjrs

Onsite Device Monitoring

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Monitor your critical onsite devices and services and get notified when something goes wrong. Keeping you ahead of the curve when it comes to infrastructure downtime.


Multi WAN Traffic Splitting

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Choose which link your Voice, Web and Mail traffic goes with WAN Streams, a unique Badjr concept for selecting and directing traffic.


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Decide how your various traffic selections will fail-over with a custom strategy for each WAN Stream.

How It Works


Design your full network in unity


Connect your badjr onsite and adopt


add your critical devices for monitoring


Publish internal services for access