Unity is the control panel upon which you build and manage your client base.  It handles all the network designing, deployment, access management and monitoring of your network infrastructures.


client and site management

Enter all your client’s details including their list of sites to make administration of your client base child’s play.  Add the following;

  • Client Documentation
  • Site Documentation
  • Locate on Maps
  • Key personnel contact information
  • List of Services

multiple Internet links: direct traffic

Connect multiple internet connections to your Badjr and then take full control by setting up WAN Streams, a unique Badjr concept of selecting traffic and directing that traffic over your chosen Internet links to ensure critical traffic can make use of dedicated internet links.

design wan failover strategy

If you have multiple Internet links, you can choose how they fail over.  Combine this with traffic selection via WAN Streams and you can setup the following types of failover strategies;

  • Voice Traffic
    • Directed through voip-fibre link
    • Fails over to voip-LTE
    • Fails over to primary-fibre
  • All other traffic
    • Directed through primary-fibre
    • Fails over to voip-fibre

The above examples shows how you can keep your traffic separate, yet still utilize other links in emergency scenarios.

Design your ONSITE or Cloud Network

Once you have added your site.  Setup the following

  • The LAN
  • The Internet (WAN) Links
  • Add WAN Streams if required
  • Setup your failover strategy
  • Choose the ports on your Badjr and what they do

Once your network is designed, you’re ready to push your setup to the Badjr by adopting it to your site.

onsite device management

For a client site, scan the network and add critical servers and networking devices with full monitoring and up/down alerts.

Dynamic access to onsite devices

The Badjr features the unique ability to connect to any onsite device without the need for port forwards.  This includes the following types of connections

  • RDP
  • Web Interfaces (typically printers or NAS devices)
  • SSH
  • Many other types of connections

Just add scan your network, add your device and connect with 1 click.

manage all credentials securely

When looking after a client base, securely managing third party supplier portals and credentials can be extremely challenging.  Unity solves this via an easy to use interface where you can quickly login to supplier portals, typically without the user ever seeing the password.  You can use this for;

  • 3rd Party Supplier Portals
  • Onsite Devices
  • Ad Hoc Credentials